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Welcome to LIFE IN THE TRIBE, a fandom RPG site for the tv-show The Tribe. It’s been over five years since the virus broke out, and still the tribes are fighting for dominance, power and the future of the city. After the Technos dominance began to fade, they joined ranks with the returning Chosen. The reveal that Zoot was not dead after all left everyone reeling, and the rebels disheartened. Power and chaos was the rule, until a failed assassination attempt at Zoot’s life made him strike out. Two members of each tribe were chosen to participate in the Pain Games. Not everyone made it out alive. Three months later Zoot and the Chosen have more chaos than power and the tribes in and outside the city are banding together for the final blow.

We have several canon characters currently available, including Amber, Patsy, KC, Darryl, Lottie, Gel and Alice. The full list can be found here. We are also open for original characters, and at the bottom of the list you can find a list of tribes and how many open spots they have now.

Other links:
Bill of Rights
Character Lists
Plotting section
If you have any questions you can send me a message, or ask in the chat at the top of the site. :)

If you have never seen the show, only seen part of it, or feel a need to re-watch it, most of the episodes can be found HERE and they are still working on uploading the rest.
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Tribal Sims

So I've been a long time avid fan of the tribe and the sims 2 and have finally decided to combine them. I'm working on a sims series, a retelling of the tribe in a non virus reality. I've created a fictional city, Phoenix, where the characters reside and have been working on simlish adaptions of our tribal favorites. Check out some examples and tell me what you think :)

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Graphics Contests

Over on Tribe Universe we have some graphics contests running currently. All you have to do to enter is register on the forum and post your entry. Remember to follow the rules for each contest. :)

Have fun! :)

Lyrical Contest (I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift)

Wallpaper Contest (Theme: Funeral)

Avatar Contest (Theme: And so this is love...)

Signature Contest (Theme: Series 5)

FANFIC: Missing Sister, the next generation (15 years after)



Next Generation fic, 15 years after s5. Brady was kidnapped by the Chosen three years ago and has been missing since. The Mallrats have had no luck finding her or the Chosen, but now someone is on the way to the Mall with information that might change everything.

Previous chapters:
Character Profiles
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
(Also posted at Tribe Universe )

And now, CHAPTER 4
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Mod-Post: Another re-watch discussion

Okay, I have a few ideas to how to get it started again, and have a few options that I hope to get some response to.

1. Continue from where we left of in s2, with an episode discussion post a week and trying for a set time each week to watch and comment together, just like before.

2. Continue from where we left of, but with no set time to watch together, just discussion posts to talk about the episode.

3. Start over from s1, ep 1, with whichever above option is preferred in how to do it. If we start over it might be easier to get people to join in, and I would take some time trying to advertise it different places in the hopes of getting as many as possible to join. I think people would be more willing to if they can join in from the start.

4. Picking storylines or random episodes to watch the episodes of. This could be in addition to one of the above as well, say we're in s1/s2 of the regular re-watch, then one week we instead pick a later storyline to watch 3-4 episodes of. This could be an interesting way to compare how characters and the show changed as well. But this could also be how we do the whole re-watch, by simply picking a series of episodes or a few random ones each week. Personally I'd prefer it in addition to a regular re-watch where we watch the episodes chronologically, but I wanted it as an option.

I also want to ask if anyone would consider being my co-mod here? You don't need more than basic knowledge of how livejournal works. It's just to have someone help me run the episode discussions, for when I won't be able to participate or to remind me about it when I forget. ;)

I am going away on holiday this Saturday, and will be away for two weeks. So nothing is happening at least until I'm back. So there's some time to talk things over and think about it.
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Mod Post: Re-watch discussion

Okay, I've been thinking about what to do with the re-watch. It's becoming more and more difficult finding a time that fits everyone, and some weeks it's felt like I'm chasing people down to try and make them show. :p And for the summer it's gonna be difficult since people will be off travelling or doing summer jobs or whatever, and schedules often change for all of us during summer. I did consider just giving up on it, but I don't wanna do that either. So instead I'm thinking of changing it around a bit. Instead of watching it together and doing live commentary, how about setting a certain number of episodes a week and putting up a discussion post each Friday for people to post whatever they want about the episodes? That way people can watch when they have time and still discuss parts of the episode. We can write our own reviews or just put down some comments or try to start a discussion on something in the episodes.

Would love some feedback on this. Both on the idea itself and how many episodes a week. I was thinking five, one for each weekday if anyone prefers it like that, or just to sit and watch five in a row. Anywhere between 2-5 I think. 1 a week I think will make it go too slow.
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Mod Post

Just wanted to let you know that the re-watch will be put on hold for a bit. My uncle died on Friday, and the funeral is next week, so I'm just not sure when I'll have the energy to get around to it. I'll get back to you guys when things calm down and I can get it started again.