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tribalgathering's Journal

Tribal Gathering
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the tribe
Hello, and welcome to Tribal Gathering. This community was started after a talk between us three mods, (justams, 00s00 and nemesisofamor), and a common want for a place to just talk about the show like we could back on the old official forums, Eyeboards and Tribe Talk.

We are doing a The Tribe re-watch project. Every week (or so we try) we will have an episode discussion post, and an official timeslot to watch together (though you can join in with the discussion or your own comments any time you want to). You can find the posts here

Other than that you can post pretty much everything tribe-related that you want. If you get a sudden thought about something that happened or you wished would happen, a theory you remember, or you re-watched an episode and just want to talk about someone’s bad hair, outfit or make-up, or that scene that you just loved, then this is the place to go.
When it comes to icons and other graphics, post all you want. Most graphic-makers have their own rules, and we encourage everyone to respect those rules.
We don’t have rules of our own just yet. This fandom on lj is so small and I haven’t seen any problems in other communities, so unless anything becomes an issue we will just let you all use your own common sense.
Using tags is appreciated though, it only takes a few seconds to add tags to your posts. Here is a post detailing the tagging system we use.